Your patients are provided the best team approach for quality care. Home care is a valuable tool that extends your reach into the patient’s home and Genesis Home Care clinical team delivers the following:

  • Eyes and ears for the physician in the patient’s home.
  • Assess your patient’s home environment, medication compliance and understanding, nutrition, and safety.
  • Provide treatment and education specific to your patient’s needs resulting in reduced phone calls to your office.
  • Clinical notes are entered into the ProviderLink Portal; a secure HIPAA compliant website for Physicians and Facilities enabling them to stay updated on the patient’s status.
  • Wound Care Program that utilizes state-of-the-art wound care technology which allows physicians to monitor their homebound patients’ wound status by comparing weekly wound measurements 24/7 via HIPAA Compliant secure website.


Genesis Home Care’s health coaching model, along with its unique clinical programs, emphasizes the importance of managing the whole person. Our team of clinicians uses motivational interviewing as an intervention that empowers the patient to make healthy lifestyle changes. As a team they help patients:

  • Understand their diagnosis
  • Identify obstacles to change
  • Become motivated to actively manage their health
  • Implement new lifestyle choices
  • Learn self-care skills
  • Be inspired to adhere to treatment plans
  • Understand the importance of follow-up physician visits


The Bladder Health Program is supervised by a nurse practitioner specialized in geriatric bladder health and treatments including assessment, therapies, exercises and training that support healthy lifestyle changes.

The Medication Compliance and Education Program employs our unique Health Coach at Home goal orientation techniques to clarify and educate on medications. We teach when, why, and how medications should be taken.

The Memory Care Program team uses a special blend of compassion, care and training to work with clients who face the challenges of cognitive and memory deficits. Our team of clinicians works with patients and their loved ones to build effective communication methods and formulate strategies and interventions for memory recall.

The Rehab at Home Program is an innovative rehabilitation program for people recovering from orthopedic injuries as well as hip, knee or shoulder joint replacements. Our therapists work with their patients in the comfort of their own home to help them regain strength and mobility.

The Sight Assist Program was developed by clinicians to help patients with low vision improve their ability to function independently and safely at home. Our therapists are specially trained and certified to assess safety and needs due to low vision issues.

The Swallowing Program employs a dedicated team of Speech Language Pathologists who are skilled at identifying swallowing issues and creating a therapeutic program to improve the ability to swallow safely.

The Wound Care Program utilizes state-of-the-art wound care technology which allows physicians to monitor their homebound patients’ wound status. Our Wound Care Consultant works with a skilled nursing team to provide the latest in wound healing techniques and care. Physicians can monitor wound progress by comparing weekly wound measurements as well as other vital reports regarding patient’s progress 24/7 via HIPAA Compliant secure website.


The COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Program targets education, treatments and lifestyle changes that can help patients with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other lung diseases.

The Diabetes Management Program focuses on controlling diabetes through education, proactive diet, exercise, and medication therapies. Our specialists assist patients in making long-term changes to improve their quality of life.

The Heart Failure Management Program provides critical medical care while emphasizing education, medication management, diet and activity guidelines and self-monitoring of the disease.


The Reality Comprehension Clock Test is a dignified, standardized assessment that is easy to administer and easy to score. The RCCT is designed to evaluate reality comprehension skills and assist in establishing functioning range, functional age, stage of deterioration, potential memory deficits and fall risk of the elderly.

Genesis Home Care offers in-home or in-facility Fall Risk Screenings. Our clinical team assists patients in regaining their strength and mobility to keep them safe and independent in their own home.